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Friday, September 20, 2019

What is powerbank ? how power bank works ?

                                                 How power bank works

Power bank is a type of device which is used to charge laptop, cell phone, tablets and other electronic devices. Power bank stores electrical energy in its batteries. Power bank contains batteries which are connected to printed circuit board in short known as PCB. Batteries used in power bank can be lithium ion or can be lithium polymer .PCB control the internal function of the power bank. PCB used in the power bank prevents overload of batteries and also regulate the voltage. Power bank connect with usb cable to charge the electronic devices. Lithium ion and Lithium polymer provide proper current and voltage to the devices that’s why most of the power banks contains lithium polymer or ion type batteries. Minimal  voltage of lithium ion cells is 3.7 volts and up to 4.2 volts while fully charge. But usb port with strict regulation has 5 volts, So it need to change this 5 volts cell voltage.  usually this change by boost converter that provide steady 5 volts on its output.

                                                        bloack diagram of power bank

Types of power banks

      1.       Portal power bank
      2.       Non portable power bank

Portal power bank:-  portable power bank can be carried by the person for example mobile power bank.

Non power banks :- this type of power banks are unmovable and has high storage capacity it used in household and office purposes.

Popular power banks companies

         1.       Philips power bank
         2.       Xiaomi power banks
         3.       Syska power banks
         4.       Samsung power banks
         5.       Lenovo power banks
         6.       Intex power banks
         7.       Duracell power banks
         8.       Toshiba power banks
         9.       Ambrane power banks
        10.    Micromax power banks

          Best sites to buy power banks:-

          1. Amazon.com
.         2. Flipkart.com
.         3. Tatacliq.com
          4. Snapdeal.com
.         5. Clubfactory.com

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