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Saturday, May 18, 2019

inverter vs generator

Inverter :- it is a type of device which convert direct current into alternating current. Inverter is kind of motor which control the speed of alternating current induction motor. Inverter generally variable frequency, variable voltage design .Inverter not produce power, the power provided by dc  source.

                                                         Block diagram of inverter

Some components of inverter :-

1.       Uninterruptible power supply module
2.       Output power transformer
3.       Battery charger
4.       Display and controls
5.       Battery assembly
6.       Microcontroller
7.       Filters

Application of inverter

      1.       Uninterruptible power supplies
      2.       DC power source usage
      3.       Refrigeration compressors
      4.       Electric motor speed control
      5.       Power grid
      6.       Induction heating
      7.       Solar system
      8.       HVDC power transmission

Generator:-it is a kind of machine which convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. If we talk about its principle of operation it works on Faraday law of electromagnetic induction. Faraday’s law states that when current carrying conductor placed inside magnetic field, Electro Motive Force(EMF) induced which is equal to the rate of change of flux linkage. Generator is just like an electric motor, a coil of copper wire wrapped around the iron core which act as permanent magnet and rotating at high speed. When electricity flow through copper field, it act as temporary. The temporary magnetic field exert force against the magnetic field after this permanent magnet create which force to the coil to rotate. Generator used for the power supply purpose.

                                                        Block diagram of diesel generator

Some components of generator

1.       Alternator
2.       Engine
3.       Voltage regulator
4.       Cooling system
5.       Exhaust system
6.       Lubrication
7.       Battery charger
8.       Voltage regulator
9.       Control panel

inverter or generator which is best for home use :-
the main difference between inverter and generator, the generator are quite noisy and run and constant speed but in case of generator it produce power with the help of microprocessor. Generators are quite heavier than inverter . if we talk about the size of these two devices, Inverter are quite smaller as compare to generator.


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