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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Power plant - Electric power plant

Power plant  is an industrial aptitude used to generate electricity with the help of generators which converts different energy sources into electric power.

Power plant divided into two categories:-
1.       Conventional power plant
2.       Non – conventional power plant

Conventional power plant :- conventional energy means energy source which is fixed in nature such as coal, oil, gas. Conventional is termed as non renewable sources  of energy. Conventional power plants are hydro power plant, nuclear power plant.

Non conventional power plant :-non conventional energy which is also known as renewable sources of energy non conventional energy generated by wind, solar, tidal, biomass, geothermal.

Thermal power plant :- with the help of heat engine mechanical power is produced that transform thermal energy, frequently from combustion of fuel into rotational power. Thermal power plant produce steam that’s why sometime they called steam power plant.

Advantages of Thermal Power Plants

1.       Coal is used which is quite cheap
2.       Initial cost is low compare to other power plants
3.       Requires less space compared to other power plants

Disadvantages of Thermal Power Plants

  •        it produce smoke and fumes which pollutes atmosphere
  •      running cost is high compared to other plant like hydro power plant

Hydro power plant
In hydro power plant water released from a pipe called reservoir flows through turbine which rotate turbine connected to generator to produce electricity.
Hydro power plant advantages
      ·         non polluted
  •      highly reliable

Disadvantages of hydro power plant
      ·      cost is high because of construction
  •  causes drought
  •  hydro power required large area

Solar power plant
Solar power plant generate electricity with the help of sun’s energy. Photo voltaic cells converts sun energy into electrical energy using photo voltaic effect.
Solar power advantages:-
  •       Pollution free and causes no green house gases
  •      Low maintenance cost

     Solar power disadvantages:-
  •       Weather dependent
  •       Solar energy storage is expensive

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