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Friday, April 26, 2019

Electrical Engineering vs Mechanical Engineering

Electrical engineering deals with the study of electrical system. Electrical engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with practical application of electricity. A person who deals with electrical equipment, devices and system is known as electrical engineer. Electrical engineer is responsible for designing, development and testing of electrical system.

Branches of electrical engineering :-
1.       Control system engineering
2.       Nuclear engineering
3.       Embedded Systems
4.       Space engineering
5.       Satellite engineering
6.       Signal processing system
7.       Instrumentation engineering
8.       Microelectronics
9.        Energy system
10.   Electrical machine design

How to become electrical  engineer :-
A person who want to become electrical engineer must have10+2  or other equivalent examination board with PCM (Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics) and for post graduation  bachelor degree in electrical engineering with passing percentage .

Main subjects for electrical engineering :-
1.       Electrical Machines
2.       Control System
3.       Power Systems
4.       Basic Electronics
5.       Basic Electrical Engineering
6.       Signal and system
7.       Transformer
8.       Microprocessor
9.       Power Electronics
10.   Electric Drive

Electrical engineer salary in india :-
Average salary of electrical engineer 3.5 lacs per year

Mechanical  engineering  is deals with the study of mechanical system. Mechanical engineer is responsible for design, development and maintenance of mechanical system. Mechanical engineering  is the oldest engineering disciplines.

Branches of Mechanical Engineering :-
1.       Mechatronic Engineering
2.       Aerospace Engineering
3.       Manufacturing Engineering
4.       Thermal Engineering
5.       Vehicle Engineering
6.       Acoustical engineering

How to become mechanical engineer :-
A person of who want to become mechanical engineer must have 10+2 or other equivalent examination board with PCM (Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics) and for post graduation  bachelor degree in Mechanical engineering with passing percentage .

Main subjects for  mechanical engineering :-
1.       Thermodynamics
2.       Fluid Mechanics
3.       Internal combustion engine
4.       Machine design
5.       Computer Aided Design
6.       Computer aided Manufacturing
7.       Power Plant engineering
8.       Heat Transfer
9.       Control engineering
10.   Thermal engineering

Mechanical engineer salary package in india :-
The average pay for electrical engineer 3 to 4 lacs per annum


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