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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

what is wireless electricity and its different types of techniques

Wireless  electricity  is the power  transfer without wire. In wireless power transmission a device called as transmitter driven by electric power from a power source which generate electromagnetic  field it transmit power to the receiver which take out power from the field and pass to the electrical load

Two types of wireless power technique :-

1.       Near field
2.       Far field

Near field:-  in near field power transferred by magnetic field over short distances. Induction coupling used between coils of wire. Induction coupling technique widely used in wireless technology.

Different kind of Near field technique
1.       Inductive coupling
2.       Resonant inductive coupling
3.       Capacitive coupling
4.       Magnetodynamic coupling
 Application of near field:- wireless charging, electric vehicle, RFID tags etc

                                                   inductive wireless electricity diagram

Far field :- in far field technique power transferred by beams of electromagnetic waves like microwaves. It helps power transferred to the long distance .
Different kind of far field technique


Application of far field :- drone aircraft, solar power satellites etc.

Advantages of wireless  electricity
1.       Reduce the wires and cable
2.       Efficient and reliable
3.       Reduce e waste a more safe environment
4.       Wireless electricity  allows a network to reach locations that could not be achieved by  network cable
5.       Ease of installation

Disadvantages ofwireless electricity
      1.       Less efficient for long distance
      2.       No – directionality
      3.       Effect of microwave radiation
      4.       Capital cost of wireless power transmission is high
      5.       Research says microwaves rediations carcinogenic effect which cause cancer

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