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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Top inventors and founders of all time


          Founder of electron
J. J. Thomson

·         founder of neutron
James Chadwick

·         Founder of AC
Nikola Tesla

·         Founder of DC
Thomas Edison

·         Founder of television
Philo Farnsworth
Charles Francis Jenkins
John Logie Baird

·         Founder of air conditioner
Willis Carrier

·         Founder of washing machine
Alva J. Fisher

·         Founder of refrigerator
Oliver Evans

·         Founder of computer
Charles Babbage

·         Founder of google
Larry Page

·         Founder of Apple.Inc
Steve Jobs

·         Founder of facebook
Mark Zuckerberg

·         Founder of
Jeff Bezos

·         Founder of Microsoft
Bill Gates

·         Founder of  Yahoo
Jerry Yang
David Filo

·         Founder of  youtube
Chad Hurley
Steve Chen
Jawed Karim

·         Founder of instagram
Kevin Systrom

·         Founder of whatsapp
Jan koum
Brian Acton

·         Founder of Twitter
Jack Dorsey
Biz Stone
Noah Glass
Evan Williams

·         Founder of Snapchat
Evan Spiegel
Reggie Brown
Bobby Murphy

·         Founder of  Laptop
Bill Moggridge

·         Founder of Telephone
Alexander Graham Bell

·         Inventor of Car
Karl Benz

·         Inventor of Bulb
Thomas Edison

·         Inventor of Radio
Guglielmo Marconi

·         Inventor of aeroplane
Wright Brothers

·         Inventor of Train
Richard Trevithick

·         Inventor of steam engine
Thomas Savery
Edward Somerset

·         Inventor of printing press
Johannes Gutenberg

·         Inventor of fountain pen
Petrache Poenaru

·         Inventor of thermometer
Galileo Galilei

·         Inventor of dynamite
Alfred Nobel

·         Inventor of electric battery
Alessandro Volta

·         Inventor of safety pin
Walter Hunt

·         Inventor of revolver
Samuel Colt

·         Inventor of stethoscope
René Laennec

·         Inventor of x ray
Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen

·         Inventor of telescope
Hans Lippershey

·         Inventor of Microscope
Zacharias Janssen

·         Inventor of usb
Ajay Bhatt

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