important subject under electrical engineering - Electrical input

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

important subject under electrical engineering


 Electrical circuit and analysis :-
   electrical circuit analysis  is the process of finding the voltages  and current in every component in the network

Electrical Measurement and Instrument :-   Electrical instrument is a device in which we can determine the magnitude  of the quantity to be measure

Power Electronics :-   is the engineering study of converting electrical power from one form to another by Inductors,Capacitors,diode and etc.

Analog electronics :-This subject of engineering deals with continuous signal

Digital Electronics :- it deals with discrete signals

Electrical Machine :- it deals with DC and AC machines

Power System :- it deals with power generation, distribution and transmission

Advanced electrical measurement :- it deals with advanced electrical measurement

Control System:- using control loops it regulate the behavior of other device

Basic Electronics & communication :- it determine nonlinear and active electrical components such as semiconductor devices

Signals & Systems :- process which produces output signal in response to input signal

Network Theory  :- deal with network theory

Microprocessors :-deals with  central processing unit of a computer

 Electric drives  

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