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Monday, August 6, 2018

Squirrel Cage Induction Motor - Advantages and Disadvantages of squirrel cage motor

                         Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

A  kind  of three phase induction motor which uses  as squirrel cage rotor is known as squirrel cage induction  motor. Squirrel cage induction motor consist of some parts like stator, rotor .Stator which is a stationary part and rotor which is a rotating part . Bearings are also provided as base for rotor motion, bearing helps to keep the smooth rotation of the induction  motor. To avoid eddy currents  losses  rotor core is laminated. To avoid cogging conductor are skewed and gives better transformation ratio.

Working  of squirrel cage induction motor:-

When  a  stator  winding  given  three phase  ac supply, current will start flowing through it. Three phase Alternating current  tends to  rotating  magnetic field in the rotor. The rotating magnetic field of stator  induce voltage in the rotor  because of  flux.  This induced voltage will induce current in rotor winding by this  another magnetic field will be generated, which is rotor’s magnetic field. We know that current carrying conductor experiences  a force on it in presence of a magnetic  field The rotor will also experience a force which will produce a torque and rotor will rotate.

Squirrel cage induction motor operates at synchronous speed, direction  of  the motor  reversed by interchanging any two of the three motor supply lines.

Advantages of Squirrel cage  induction motor:-
  •        Squirrel cage induction motor are cheap
  •        Required  less maintenance as compared to slip rings motor
  •        Because of brushes chances of spark reduced
  •        Generates less heat

Application :- this kind of motor used in industries because of its cost , these type of motor used where  low starting torque required. motors may also be used as generators, flour mills, printing machinery etc.

Disadvantages of squirrel  cage induction motor :- 

  •        Power factor is low at light load
  •        Poor starting torque
  •        No speed regulation
  •        Sensitive to change in supply voltage

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