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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Renewable energy - Renewable energy resources why we need renewable energy ?

                                                  Renewable energy  

 Renewable energy is a type of of energy which is gathered  from  renewable resources  such as wind, sunlight, water, tides, geothermal heat  these  resources are called renewable energy resources.

 There are many forms of renewable energy :-

1    1.       Hydroelectric energy
2    2.    Wind Power
3    3.      Solar energy
4    4.       Biomass
5    5.       Geothermal power
6    6.       Hydrogen and  fuel cells

1 1.    Hydroelectric energy :- hydroelectric energy is one of the renewable sources example Hydropower plants convert the energy of flowing water into electricity. Currently Existing hydropower capacity is about 80,000 megawatts. China is the largest hydroelectric energy producer.

2 2 .   Wind energy :- in wind energy  air flow through wind turbines which passes through wind turbine to provide mechanical power to move electric generator.The overall capacity of all wind turbines installed worldwide is 52,552 magawatt.

3  3.    Solar energy :- in solar energy  sunlight  energy converted into electrical energy using photovoltaic  cells. China is  leading the world in solar power generation with 100 GW installation capacity.

4  4.    Biomass :- The  fuel  consists of organic matter such as industrial waste, agriculture waste and burn these waste directly in specially designed power plants and  used to replace up to 15% of coal as a fuel in ordinary power plants. The largest use of biomass energy in Virginia is the forest products industry.

5   5.    Geothermal power :- Geothermal power plants use high temperatures deep underground to produce steam, which then powers turbines that produce electricity.  13.2 GW  is the total installed capacity in the world 2015.

6    6.    Hydrogen and fuel cells :-  fuel cell is an electrochemical device which is same like a battery in that  it  converts the energy from a chemical reaction directly into electricity and heat. Fuel cell technology has been around for over 150 years.

Why Do We  Need  Renewable Energy?

 Here is some points why we need renewable enrgyà

  • Limited Fossil Fuels:-

Fossil fuels are limited they are finite resources or you can say they are non renewable resources. Day by day human population increases so rate of consumption of these fuels also increases, so this is why we need renewable energy.

  • Climate Change  and  Carbon Emissions :-

Many non renewable sources like coal, natural gases, oil has greater  tendency to change climate and carbon emission as compare to renewable energy resources. the changes we have seen to the climate in the last 100 years. Most of the renewable resources are less carbon emission such as water, wind , tidal.

  • Economical Stability

Energy produced from some renewable sources is cheaper than that produced by non-renewable. So the energy prices in case of renewable energy is quite stable, which help to keep the economic stability.

  • Energy Security

 Energy security deals with possibility of energy sources at an affordable price .it also treat with supply energy line with economical development and  environmental  needs. Price of fossils fuels are increasing day by day because of more demand. Oil  Prices  fluctuated badly last 10 years.

  • Environmental Damage:-

Fossils  fuels are harder to obtain, transporting fuels from the mine causes air pollution when fuels are burned they emit some dangerous toxin which help to increase global warming.

  • Public Health:-

Fossils fuels gas, oil , coal mining and drilling create higher level of pollution which affect the local environment . Public health is affected by these non renewable sources.


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