Distributed Control Systems (DCS) - What is DCS - Electrical input

Monday, August 20, 2018

Distributed Control Systems (DCS) - What is DCS

                          DCS (Distributed Control Systems)

DCS:- It is a control system for a process with large number of controller loops. The DCS concept increases reliability and reduces installation costs. Distributed Control System is a network of Highly Powerful Programmable Logic controllers and Data Server.  Distributed control system divides the controlling tasks among multiple distributed system.

SCADA( supervisory control and data acquisition)  software which is used for monitoring process or plant. It is a  system for gathering and analyzing real time data where DCS(Distributed Control System)   is a computerised control system for a process or plant with large number of controllers.

PLC(Programmable Logic controller)  is a specialized computer used to control  process or plant. it is the hardware part of the plant or process . PLC is used for controlling  medium or large scale applications but in case of DCS use for controlling the whole plant.

HMI VS DCS :- HMI (Human Machine Interface) it is the interactions between human operators and machines where DCS (Distributed Control System )control system uses multiple controller loops.


DCS  might be used :-

1       Nuclear power plants
2       Water treatment plants
3       Environmental control systems
4       Sewage treatment plants
5       Metal and mines
6       Metallurgical process plants
7       Pharmaceutical manufacturing
8       Chemical plant
9       Food processing Plant
10     Automobile manufacturing
 And some other processes where DCS used

Modern DCS system include following technologies--

1.   Mobile interfaces and controls
2.   Remote transmission
3.   Wireless systems and protocols
4.   Embedded web-servers

Advantages of DCS System :-

1.   DCS allocate flexibility and simplicity by allowing central      control
2.   monitoring and reporting of individual components and    processes
3.   DCS are scalable
4.   possible to control through dynamic graphic
5.   eliminating human error by Logging of data

Disadvantages of DCS system :-

1.   Failure of one controller effects more than one loop
2.   DCS required skilled operator because the all information  hidden behind CRT