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Friday, August 10, 2018

Define Electric current, voltage, resistance, conductance,energy

                            Electric current, voltage, resistance, conductance, energy

Electric current :- it is a flow of  electrons  in a circuit. Electric 

current messured  by ammeter and it denoted as  capital “I”.                                                                                                                  

                    SI unit :- Ampere

Voltage :- it is the potential difference between the two terminal. Voltage is also known as electric pressure or electric tension. Voltage is messured by voltmeter and denoted by capital “V”.

SI unit :- Voltage

Energy :- it is the capacity for doing work, it may be various form nuclear,  electrical, chemical, thermal
etc. it is the process of transfer from one body to another. It is denoted by  “E”.

SI unit :- joule

Power :- it is the ability to doing work. Power is also define as the amount of energy transferred per unit
time. It is denoted by “P”.
                                         Power = work/time

SI unit :- watt(W)

Resistance :-  it is measure of the opposition to  flow of current in the electrical circuit. It is denoted by “R”.

SI unit : - ohm (Ω)

Conductance:- it is the property in which an object conducts electricity. It is denoted by “G”.

Unit :- Siemens

 Capacitance:- It is the property of an object to store an electric charge. It is denoted by       capital “C”.

SI unit : - Farad

Inductance :- it is the property  that opposes the change of current  flowing  through  it. It is denoted by capital “L”.

SI unit :- henry (H)


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